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Are you looking for HIPAA compliant, secure medical transcription service? Cybernation Infotech, Inc. is a medical transcription service company based at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and specializes in providing medical transcription service to hospital and clinic based Physicians. As you must already be aware, companies which provide medical transcription service must have infrastructure which enables them to processes the PHI (Protected Health Information) securely and also have the ability to archive confidential data securely thereby ensuring 100% confidentiality of your data. So if you are looking to outsource your medical transcription needs then your search for such a medical transcription service company ends here. We at Cybernation provide a secure interface to our clients which ensures that all the transactions, be it for sending and uploading audio files to us or downloading the transcribed high quality transcripts, are all facilitated on our secure online portal. Typically, all dictations that come in before 11:00 pm EST on any business day are transcribed and delivered the next day morning (overnight) and such a prompt medical transcription service is available at the most economical rates.

Our ability to provide HIPAA compliant, secure and high quality medical transcription service to clients all across USA and a few in Canada for more than a decade now, has propelled us to be among the top few medical transcription service provider organizations across the country. While transcribing your reports we adhere to and follow the norms prescribed in the "Book of Style" by the erstwhile and now rechristened American Association of Medical Transcription. Cybernation has, over the years, gathered a wealth of experience in the medical transcription service industry. You can trust us with our abilities to do justice to any type of medical transcription work originating from any and every type of the varied disciplines of the world of medicine. So, whether you are a single physician, a multi physician practice, a surgery center, a small hospital or a large hospital, you can bank on team Cybernation to provide you the best possible medical transcription service at very attractive rates.

Medical Transcription


Cybernation offers, as a part of its basic medical transcription service offering, an extremely fast TAT - Turn Around Time, at no extra charge. All your dictations recorded on our toll free dictation recording server till 11:00 pm EST are transcribed and delivered the next day morning. The transcripts are sent back to you by email as well as hosted on our website so that you can have 24 x 7 access to all your reports. For those of our clients who use hand held digital recorders, they need to send us their audio files before the same cut off time i.e. 11:00 pm EST. We have deployed cutting edge technologies to facilitate clients to upload their audio files to our transcription processing server easily. As a client you do not need to download, install or configure any software. Our medical transcription service supports dictations recorded on almost all types of hand held devices, computers and even PDAs.

Cybernation provides a client portal using which clients can manage their accounts from a single window, be it report downloads, audio file uploads, sending in feedback or corrections, checking your payment status, making payments and maintaining credit card details on file so that payments get automated if you choose to, and a whole host of other features which you have always hoped and wished for. If you really need to run your practice or hospital in a professional manner with no transcription back logs, easy to use filing and retrieval of reports on a 24 x 7 basis, completely transparent billing system and automated payment options, your search for "the" most reliable medical transcription service provider ends here at Cybernation. Cybernation provides real value for money, not just because of its economical rates but also because Cybernation is a medical transcription service company which provides accurate, error free and consistent quality of transcripts every single day. No let ups, no shocks and no surprises. The reason we have been able to achieve and maintain these high standards is simply because all the transcription work is processed by smart, experienced and thoroughly trained transcribers using cutting edge technologies.

Medical Transcription Service - Free Trial

If you are keen to get your medical transcription needs addressed immediately, do not take our word for it. Just go ahead and sign up for a no obligation 15 day free trial, use our medical transcription service for free and then decide for yourself. We have made it easy for you to sign up for a free trial so that you can check our capability to provide medical transcription service first hand. After you sign up, you will receive instructions to start using the Cybernation medical transcription services within a couple of minutes. Simply go through the instructions and you will be able to start dictating on our toll free digital dictation service or send us audio files recorded on your hand held device. You can decide whether or not to make Cybernation your long term medical transcription service provider after you conclude the free trial.