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Starting January 1, 2015 medical institutions from single physicians to clinics, small and large hospitals; are all required to demonstrate meaningful use of electronic medical records (EMR) or electronic health records (EHR). To put it in simple words, if as a physician, whether or not you desire to continue utilizing paper charts, all your medical transcripts and patient charts must be integrated with and into an EMR or EHR system. This is now mandatory and every one in the medical fraternity must abide by it.

The ultimate goal of the federal government is to electronically streamline individual patient data across the entire country. Compliance failures will result in Medicare payment reductions. This EMR mandate has called for a major shift in the medical transcription process, and we have responded in a swift and positive manner. Cybernation has been taking care of transcription work for clients who migrated to EMR systems many years ago and those early experiences made us evolve that much faster. Thanks to the experiences and maturity derived from those EMR / EHR compatibility and interface work, Cybernation today offers a complete and fail-proof EMR medical transcription integration with an ability to customize it exactly to your liking and preferences. Our medical transcription services are also compatible with various EHR software options available in the open market.

What does this mean for a new client thinking about giving Cybernation EMR transcription EMR integration service a try?

Cybernation offers complete flexibility to clients who have the liberty to design & customize how they wish to utilize our services.

  1. - Our medical transcriptionists can work directly in your electronic medical record system.

  2. - Alternatively, physician dictations can be uploaded into the Cybernation secure server.

  3. - You can avail of our fast and overnight production of quality transcripts and patient charting directly into your EMR.

  4. - The process can happen in tandem with a client as well as our transcriber being online at the same time which enable the client to witness this process of textual uploads from the transcripts into your EMR on a live basis.

This process gives our clients the following distinct advantages:

  1. - This gives you increased time and improved patient evaluation capabilities.

  2. - Helps decrease costs associated with in-house EMR transcription and charting.

  3. - The overall responsibility of all your EMR / EHR compliance being satisfied, with the work of transcription being in safe hands that provide accurate transcripts, the clients reap the rewards of our professionalism resulting in their complete satisfaction i.e. your complete satisfaction.

For the benefit of those who wish to know more & in greater detail, the National Alliance for Health Information Technology (NAHIT) with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), have established definitions for EMR (electronic medical records), EHR (electronic health records) as follows:


The aggregate electronic record of health-related information on an individual that is created and gathered cumulatively across more than one healthcare organization and is managed and consulted by licensed clinicians and staff involved in the individual’s health and care.


The electronic record of health-related information on an individual that is created, gathered, managed, and consulted by licensed clinicians and staff from a single organization who are involved in the individual’s health and care.

By referring to these two definitions, we can infer that an EHR is an EMR with interoperability and integration spanning across many other providers’ systems. Many companies provide a certified EHR that is an integrated and single-database interoperability solution for clinical, financial and administrative practice needs.

As medical facilities and clinicians’ transition to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, this change has resulted in a fresh demand that asks for a reliable transcription service with EHR/EMR integration capabilities. To be able to satisfy these needs then transcription company needs to be inherently strong on the technical front since the new age demands emanating from the hospitals and clinics requires as much comfort with the software side of things as is the prowess of transcribing accurate reports.

At Cybernation ,we work with healthcare professionals in order to integrate, customize and coordinate our medical transcription services with the EHR or EMR software modules in use at the client's clinic or hospital. With our flexible, efficient and easy to implement solutions, healthcare practitioners can simply continue to dictate in the same way they have been doing it in the past. So unlike certain companies, we do not need to force any alterations on to the physician's dictation habits. They can in fact benefit fully by utilizing our customization capabilities and enjoy the benefits of these systems at no extra cost. On the other hand these synergies typically bring our clients the added benefits of being able to devote a greater time in treating their patients. Cybernation offers two possible interface solutions to meet the dictation and transcription demands of healthcare needs:

1) Transcription directly into your EMR system.

2) Uploading transcribed text into your EHR/EMR system in a way that meets "Meaningful Use" guidelines utilizing our state-of-the-art digital system.

Our EMR EHR interface solution is designed to provide a smooth transcription process that saves our clients time and money while we deliver the same high quality reports in a manner in which the client finds it beneficial. There is no doubt that it is the skill of the medical transcriptionist to interpret the medical language which cannot be replicated by technology alone and allow the highly trained practitioners less time editing reports and more time seeing patients, however with our integration capabilities this fact is amplified even further since the hospital achieves multiple objectives at the same time without any added cost.

We can work seamlessly with your EMR/EHR!

To make our services more client friendly, and to save you from the routine, dreary, time consuming, clerical tasks, we now offer EMR friendly medical transcription services. Our past work and comfort with EMRs will take care of your work every single day because our team of transcribers know the exact way in which to take care of work directly on the EMR/EHR – customizing it to suit your preferences. Many medical practices have streamlined their documentation process, cut down on operational costs of their EMR by working with us to get their transcripts done. We interface with your EMR seamlessly and adhere to all HIPAA regulations.

Why use Cybernation for Medical Transcription EMR reports

Why choose Cybernation to provide medical transcription services integrated with your EMR / EHR Software? Cybernation consistently produces accurate, secure, professional transcription of EMR reports with a fast-turnaround. We do not outsource medical transcriptions to other companies, all services are performed by our own employees and independent contractors, most experienced medical transcriptionists who have extensive knowledge of the terminology used in the EMR reports. Cybernation explicitly follows all HIPAA guidelines and we also work with any EMR software and will merge your dictation into the EMR system of your choice. Hiring Cybernation for medical transcription services eliminates the need to hire and train medical transcriptionists, and you don't have to provide office space, equipment and pay for costly overhead in-house to transcribe your EMR / EHR reports

Benefits of Outsourcing Your EMR / EHR Reports for Medical Transcription Services:

The medical transcription services contract can be negotiated for short term, long term and high volume accounts.

  1. - There are no geographical limitations - we service clients in need of transcribing EMR / EHR reports from all over the world.

  2. - Your completed EMR / EHR Reports can be downloaded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  3. - All hired medical transcriptionists have been hired only after being subjected to multiple interviews, general and medical tests and have gone through security screening and also basic HIPAA compliance training.

We deliver everything that you need to set a fast pace at your hospital or clinic. Our success is derived from being able to provide accurate EMR / EHR transcriptions, immediate attention to any compatibility issue, fast turn-around, and smart proactive solutions.

Transcribing Into a Healthcare Facility's Existing EMR

After healthcare facilities sign up with Cybernation, we just need their basic support to access their online EMR and soon get our trained medical transcribers to transcribe directly into the healthcare facility's EMR. The transcription team of Cybernation can transcribe directly into any EMR software application in use by healthcare facilities.

Transcription EMR

Cybernation is an efficient, accurate and cost effective turnkey next-morning transcription service that directly populates your dictated notes into your EMR. The best solution is a combination of structured data and dictated notes integrated within an EMR, with physicians having the ability to choose their preferred mode of documentation.

Providers simply dictate their dictation using toll-free phone line or using digital recorder and send it for transcription. All the dictation is transcribed into provider pre-approved EMR template and entered into the EMR system by next-morning, provided we have access to your EMR system. Cybernation currently supports all major EMR systems. Cybernation charges only for information transcribed into EMR.

Advantages of EMR with outsourced transcription:

1) Dictation remains the most intuitive and least time-consuming means of data entry. In EMR,templates must be customized as per the physician's requirement.Customization can be inflexible and costly.

2) Providers need not change the way they practice just to accommodate an EMR. We will interact with EMR so that transcriptions can be attached directly into the patient electronic medical record.

3) Provides expressive power to describe patient condition and other health related events. In EMR, output from these templates is too canned and identical. It loses individuality for each patient. It is difficult for a provider to capture complete patient encounter on computer in front of a patient.

4) Although average transcribed report costs a bit, it can reduce the doctor’s time spent on data entry. Considering the value of doctor’s time, transcription is not a costly proposition. We don’t charge for the information already a part of the EMR records. E.g. Use of template for review of system, physical examination, vital signs, allergies and medication already entered in the EMR while seeing the patients. This will reduce the cost further down, while maintaining the integrity of report.

5) When the templates are not maintained with in the EMR, it brings down the level of service means lower reimbursement. With the use of EMR and traditional transcription service you can maintain the level of service.

6) With the use of EMR and traditional transcription service, physician’s office can submit the meaningful use of EMR report and get the Medicare incentive payments.

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