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Online Dictation Service

You can dictate your dictation through our dictation service using many methods such as iPhone / Mobile Recording, Toll-Free Phone-In System, Handheld Digital Recorders (eg. Olympus), PDA devices or PC applications, which record in a readable PC format.

iPhone / Mobile Recording:

You can use the native audio recorder (or any other app) on your iPhone, Android, Windows, or any other mobile device to dictate your reports and save them locally on your device. You securely upload those audio files by just logging in to our secure mobile website. The next day morning, using your iPhone / mobile you can download and use the transcribed reports.




This is the quickest and easiest way to start with dictation transcription service. Our Medical Transcription Services provide a Toll Free number, keypad instructions, and User ID for accessing our system, which is accessible using a touch-tone telephone from anywhere in USA. The recorded dictations get encrypted for ensuring a high level of security. Our Dictation System is fully automated and available to all our customers 24x7 enabling them to record their dictations at any time of their convenience. It also supports real time dictation features like pause, rewind, forward, play, save to continue later, etc, which makes dictating easy and enjoyable.

Handheld Digital Recorders, PDA devices:

If you favor the mobility of a handheld recorder, we are compatible with and accept audio files from most of the popular devices in the market. We recommend Olympus devices. You can dictate using your digital recorder, at any place and at any time. Transfer all your dictations from the Recorder to your computer. Then transfer (upload) the audio files to our Server using your account (username and password) login on our web portal. Please refer the FAQs for more details.

PC Applications:

You can also use PC applications for recording your dictations directly on to your computer and then transfer (upload) the audio files to our Server using your account (username and password) login on our web portal.

Online Dictation


After receiving your dictations, our team of highly skilled Transcriptionists, Proofreaders, and Quality Analysts process your dictations by transcribing them into documents adhering to formats as required by you. Your reports are then stored digitally and are made available to you by email or fax. Remember, we are just one call away from handling all your dictation worries. You can simply pick up the phone and start dictating. It is that simple. And within 12 to 24 hours or even less, your dictations will be sent back to you as transcribed reports.