Holidays and Maintenance

Holidays observed at Cybernation

Please be informed that our transcribers observe an annual compliment of 10 holidays. Due to the non availability of the transcription service during these holidays, it would be a good idea to keep a list of the holidays observed at Cybernation handy. Needless to add, the dictation servers will remain available right through all these holidays enabling you to continue dictating / recording even during these off days.

Holiday Day
New Year's Day January 1
Good Friday As announced each year
Memorial Day Last Monday of May
Independence Day July 4
Labor Day First Monday of September
Thanksgiving Fourth Thursday of November
Day after Thanksgiving Fourth Friday of November
Christmas Eve December 24
Christmas Day December 25
New Year's Eve December 31

We do have a policy of sending out emails to all our clients well in advance ahead of any upcoming holiday. This helps our clients to remain aware about our schedules and plan their work accordingly.

Please be informed that our transcription operations are typically off during the holidays, long weekends and regular weekends. Hence, the reports that you dictate during that period i.e. beginning the first day of the break till the last day of the break will only reach you after the break is over. Since we initiate transcription work on the day we resume work, you can expect to receive all those reports you dictated during the holidays, long weekends and regular weekends including those that you dictate on the first working day after the break - to be sent back on the next day i.e. on the 2nd day after the break.

So, if you need to get the reports transcribed before going into the break please ensure to get in all such dictations in to our dictation system (toll free and online web upload) before the 11 pm EST cut off time on the night before going into the break.

All jobs received before this cut off time will be returned to you the next day morning i.e. on the morning of the first day of the break. Please take a note of this and plan to dictate your reports accordingly. Once again, please do keep in mind that the dictation servers and our online portal would obviously be functioning as usual through out the long weekend and so if you need to, you will be able to continue dictating reports or uploading dictations even during the break.

Planned Maintenance

Generally our infrastructure has been designed to provide very high uptime with various backup and failover mechanisms. We have alternate toll free lines, alternate backup dictation servers, alternate mirror database and webservers. So this allows us to have, whenever required, a well planned window of planned maintenance, without disturbing almost any of our services offerings and systems. In a very rare case, there might be a need to take down our website or dictation toll free lines or dictation servers, for which we try our best to do it in a planned way and executed during a time window which typically uses the after hours ideally during the weekends. This is to ensure that our clients do not encounter any down time and their work does not suffer. In fact, we have invested in a complete duplication of infrastructure and when the main toll free dictation server is taken down for maintenance the back up server can be used by all our clients by simply dialing the alternative toll free number.

We also follow a practice of informing our clients well in advance by multiple emails of all pre planned maintenance windows.

Annual Maintenance

Our annual maintenance happens to be around Jan 14 and 15 every year.

A partial list of all the activities undertaken during this massive maintenance and upkeep exercise is as follows:

  1. 1. A review of our software applications, operating systems, server and other hardware systems, networking gear, firewalls and switches, associated upgrades, maintenance and upkeep tasks.

  2. 2. A review of our database, database server, associated maintenance and upkeep tasks.

  3. 3. An internal audit of our transcription work stations and associated maintenance and upkeep tasks.

  4. 4. A system wide Anti Virus and Anti Malware drive. Check for any vulnerabilities.

  5. 5. Review the PCI DSS compliance and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) functionality.

While all these tasks are done, we will ensure that the dictation server stays unaffected and is available to you all the time. Even our website and the online server where you upload the audio files will be fully functional. Since all these aspects of our service will not be a part of this action plan you will be able to dictate as usual and send / upload the audio files as you normally do all through this period.

We will make every effort to organize things in such a way that the impact of all these activities will be minimal. The only change / impact that you are likely to experience is that the transcription work may get delayed a little. Another likely possibility is that there can be a situation wherein we have already transcribed the documents but they may not appear online for a length of time due to the ongoing maintenance tasks.

This is to let you all know and be aware of these scenarios well in advance so that there is no un-necessary panic when the tasks as enlisted above are taken up at our end.

What to do

In case of unavailability of any of our services such as toll free lines or website or secure customer service portal, you should just send us an email to info "AT" cybernationinfotech.com or call or fax to 1-888-547-0321.

We shall get back to you ASAP!

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