Business Transcription Services

Business Transcription Services

Cybernation provides business transcription services to the business communities all over the world. A majority of our clients are from USA and Canada but thanks to the internet we can provide the same high quality business transcription services to any business establishment anywhere in the world. If you need a virtual assistant or a virtual typist who will work as your online secretary and provide you the highest quality of business transcription services simply sign up for a free trial and check us out first hand. You may be an independent businessman, a senior V.P. in a medium sized company, a top executive in a large company, a business consultant, a media professional, a professor at college or a teacher at school. You may be working in the services sector or involved in the manufacturing arena, we assure you that your work will be taken care of by experienced professionals who will be handpicked from amongst our transcription talent pool and the transcriptionist who is the most suitable to take up your work will be assigned to tackle your work. Business professionals who can use our business transcription services are bankers, finance services professionals, private investigation detectives, executive recruiters, industrialists, small medium and large business owners. So what ever the type of job on hand simply upload the audio that you need transcribed and we will do the rest. Cybernation provides business transcription services and we are experts at transcribing audios on a wide variety of subjects viz., routine business documentation, business letters, transcribing interviews, group discussions, debates on any topic, strategic-planning sessions, board meetings, focus group sessions, Workers' Compensation and Review of Records, seminars and conferences. Thanks to the huge talent pool that we can bank on, we can provide business transcription services covering the entire range of topics and subjects of the business sector.

Cybernation Business Transcription Services

Every corporate move you make is subjected to scrutiny, whether it is from within the company, its competitors, analysts, critics or it might even be the media that can be breathing down your neck. In today's digital world a transcript can prove to be an invaluable asset to you and your organization. Using the ever reliable Cybernation business transcription services, you will be able to:

  • Print it and share it with your immediate colleagues.

  • Send it by email to those who are not in your physical vicinity.

  • Post it on your website for all stake holders to read.

  • Create a subject specific blog using the transcript.

  • You can even send it as a press release in magazines and newspapers or even on online websites.

  • It can be sent to employees and / or suppliers.

  • It can be used for filing and documentation purposes for your permanent records just in case it is needed in the future.

So please make sure you get all your important business utterances transcribed using our business transcription services.

Reasons Why Cybernation Business Transcription Services

1.Cybernation was incorporated way back in 2001 providing high quality transcription services since more than a decade and counting.
2.We have been an integral part of the business transcription industry for a very long time now and have the one unbeatable advantage that most clients expect, experience.
3.Our business transcription services are attractively priced and we provide all our new clients a no price increase guarantee for a minimum of 2 years subsequent to their signing up for availing our business transcription services.
4.Our turn around time is the best in the industry. Your transcripts reach you in the morning itself, even before you are ready to go to your office.
5.We format your reports and transcripts exactly as per your preferences.
6.The Cybernation team of transcribers is comprised of business transcription services experts who over the years have learnt and mastered the jargon associated with the world of business.
7.We welcome customer contact at all times and we have provided a toll free telephone number for you to call in and that doubles up as a fax number as well. You can also use the email for sending us messages and feedbacks. It is our constant endeavor to keep improving and no better way to achieve that than to follow your instructions.
Your search for the most suitable and reliable business transcription service provider ends here with Cybernation. Still not convinced? Well then go ahead take a no obligation free trial.

Business Transcription Services

We provide professional as well as personalized business transcription services. Cybernation the right choice for your business transcription services needs. We create high quality transcripts from the audio files you send us and send them back in the fastest turn around time. You can send us dictations and recorded audio files at any time of your choice. The Cybernation team of transcriptionists is highly experienced and have the requisite skills to create error free transcripts formatted exactly as per your preferences. We transcribe your audio files, and then the Transcripts can be sent back to you via email and/or by fax. You can even download your transcripts from the online archive maintained on our website.

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Business Transcription for Speakers / Moderators / Authors
Business Transcription Services for Insurance and claims processing interviews
Business Transcription Services for Police and Fire Departments
Business Transcription Services for Books and Dissertations

Business Transcription Services for Books and Dissertations

Researchers, authors and script writers typically go through a long drawn process starting with the concept that they have in mind. They consider and discard many ideas and possibilities until they are convinced of that on big idea worthy of greater attention. There is a lot of jotting down of ideas, sharing views with others, spending time thinking on your own - all of which must be captured lest it be forgotten.

The easiest and the most convenient way to capture such important thoughts is to simply pick up the telephone and dial the toll free dictation recording number that we provide you and then start recording. It is that simple. Even if you are a pen and paper person writing down your thoughts on paper, you can scan and upload those pages to us and we will do the needful. Confidential taped interviews, reports, wire taps, witness / suspect statements, traffic reports and other confidential conversations are transcribed to specifications. Work is returned via encrypted, secured email, FTP, US mail or overnight delivery.

Our Business Transcription Services are ideal for the busy executives and overwhelmed business owners. Make Cybernation your One Stop Shop for addressing all your Business Transcription Services needs.