The Cybernation Advantage

Health care facilities of every size turn to Cybernation for their medical transcription needs. Outsourcing your transcription needs to Cybernation provides a multitude of benefits. Cybernation has developed the industry's most innovative medical transcription services, with full word processing and management reporting capabilities. The following are the advantages that Cybernation provides to all its customers:

Mobile Friendly:Our services and website can be accessed from iPhone, Android, Windows, or any other mobile device.

No Apps:Our iPhone and mobile friendly transcription service works directly on the internet, no need to install any heavy apps.

Mobile Dictation:Dictate and save audios on your iPhone / mobile at any time any place.

Secure Upload: Upload recorded audio to our website directly from your iPhone / mobile.

Mobile Transcription:Fetch transcribed reports on the move from your iPhone / mobile.

Secure Payment: HIPAA compliant, PCI DSS compliant, SSL protected website.

Turn Around Time: Overnight - Reports reach you next day morning.

No investments: Dictation using our toll free phone in system. No capital investment.

No employees: No salaries and associated costs of employment.

Competitive pricing: Available from our pricing page.

Professional proofreading: & editing by experienced proofreaders.

High quality work: We deliver reports with 99% or higher accuracy levels.

Solid Service: Toll free phone and fax number or by email. 24 hours.

Excellent Reports: Free daily & monthly patient wise detailed reports.

Transparent Counting & Billing: Accurate & verifiable account of all work performed. Our billing practices are designed to make it easy for our customers to scrutinize.

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