Hipaa Statement

Cybernation HIPAA Statement

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to put on record that Cybernation, in its capacity of a MTSO (Medical Transcription Service Organization), adheres to the relevant and applicable sections of the HIPAA regulations, more specifically the norms pertaining to the Electronic Transmission / Transfer of PHI (Patient Health Information). The PHI we handle on behalf of our clients exists in two forms viz., audio and (transcribed) documents. The dictation recording is securely done through the use of dictation servers. Each individual dictator needs to know the company provided toll free number and access code combination to be able to access and use our dictation system. Alternatively, those dictators who use hand held digital recorders are provided an online secure interface on the company's portal using which they can securely transfer their voice files to us.

The transcribed documents are archived on a secure server which like the dictation server is directly under our control. Each client is given a specific Username (UN) and Password (PW) combination using which they can access their reports directly from our secure client portal. This is the safest and most secure option which Cybernation provides as a part of its default service.

All means of data transfer other than a secure and protected online portal like the one Cybernation provides are considered to be prone to varied degrees of risk. It is therefore the customers prerogative to decide whether they wish to undertake those risks in order to increase their convenience while choosing other means of receiving the transcribed documents back from us. Amongst the conventional data transmission methods like fax and email, fax is considered relatively safer. Cybernation provides both these options, only because the clients demand them. However, we strongly advocate the exclusive use of only the secure online method for fetching and downloading the transcripts. Finally, the responsibility of safeguarding the PHI after the client downloads it from our portal is the sole responsibility of the client.

For facilitating the transcribers work too, the access to PHI is provided by way of a username and password combination. Each individual transcriber has a username and password combination using which they can access the workflow platform. Each transcriber is given only that much access as is necessary for completing his / her task and whatever work they execute using that information is recorded on the company's central database server. The hyperlink that gives them access to the workflow software is known only to the transcribers. All the work that transpires on the workflow platform is recorded and logged on the Cybernation work flow processing server which also keeps a time-audit-trail of all the work done by the individual transcribers. The detailed time-audit-trail captures every single activity undertaken by the transcribers in order to execute their work.

Additional information on our HIPAA compliance is provided on our website in greater detail. You can navigate to the relevant page which provides this information by first going to our home page and then clicking on the option named HIPAA from the main menu on the left hand side. In case you need any further information or want us to address any specific concerns that you may have, please do let us know.

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