iPhone Dictation

Here is how you can use our services for iPhone Dictation and Transcription or from any mobile or tablet device:

  • Upload recorded audios to our website directly from your iPhone
  • Open our website on your iPhone, tap menu on the top right corner
  • Tap on the Login option and use the same Username and Password
  • Tap Upload Dictation button to upload dictated audio files
  • Click Choose File button, select the iCloud drive option, choose your files and upload.
  • Tap Download Documents to view / download the transcribed reports
  • Within Download Documents you can search for and view the past reports
  • Ok, let me sign up for a iPhone dictation free trial now
  • Ok, provide me the iPhone dictation transcription service pricing information now

iPhone Dictation Transcription

It has been our ongoing endeavor to provide you with the best transcription services, that too in the most user friendly manner. In recent times, we have made many upgrades in our website and technology to help our clients use our services conveniently from any computer, iPhone, iPad, tablet pc, android phone, etc. Physicians appreciate being able to use their own smartphones, especially when a dictation device is hard to find or not readily available. Our technology upgrades address the growing preference of physicians to use smartphones in the workplace. We have developed this new mobile website with the physician in mind, delivering accurate, high-quality medical transcription with the convenience of anytime, anywhere dictation.

Dictation iPhone

Our new responsive website and secure mobile portal provides a solid platform for mobile dictation which lets our physicians work when and where they want to work. They benefit from mobile transcription service as they can dictate notes on the go, and fetch the transcribed reports on the move. Providing iPhone dictation in true sense, the physicians can use their iPhones to dictate and also enjoy iPhone transcription, as they can use their iPhones to check the finished transcripts. Not only that, the big advantage with our system is that they do not have to download and install heavy apps on their iPhones. Everything is ready to go with great ease of use. A true user friendly interface facilitating the entire dictation transcription workflow right from their mobile phones. In addition, our system provides a secure platform that ensures patient information remains private. This flexible dictation platform provides mobility and freedom that our physicians need and appreciate.

iPhone Transcription Dictation Service

We have adopted the latest technologies and revamped our entire website. Our new website is now a fully responsive website. A friendlier and better version of the previous one. The look and feel is more modern yet the ease of use has improved drastically. The website is now rendered across all platforms and all devices from the same domain name. You can continue to access the website from your desktop computers as you have always done. Additionally, you can now access the website from your cell phones and tablets as well. Yes, the new responsive website is accessible from all iOS mobile and tablet devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, Mac. Yes, the new responsive website is accessible from all Android mobile and tablet devices.

iPhone Dictation Service

Further for your added convenience we have provisioned a contact us section. This contact us section is on the main home page. This contact us section is also made available across all other pages. You can use this to quickly inform us about any issue / problem that you may be facing. Be it the dictation telephone line being down, transcripts not received or any other issue for that matter. This contact us section is available across all devices including cell phones and tablets. This increases your convenience by making it easy to send us a message.

Mobile Dictation

We have also made it simpler for our prospective clients to sign up for our service. New clients can now sign up using mobiles and tablets (apart from desktop computers). Signing Up for a free-trial using mobiles and tablets is a quick single step process. New clients can now sign up in less than half a minute. They fill in the basic information and their trial account is instantaneously created. They then receive the instructions on their email provided during sign up. Using that information they can get started immediately.

Android Dictation

We request you to do us a favor by recommending our service to your friends and colleagues. Please go to the bottom of this page and be social with us by clicking the Facebook, Tweeter, and Google+ icons. Do let them know that they can use their mobiles and tablets for a quick and easy sign up.