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Here are some other aspects related to our transcription service which would help you to understand it better.

Transparent Line Counting Methodology

Lines are counted as per AAMT (now AHDI) guidelines - A line comprises of 65 characters inclusive of typed spaces. The billed / chargeable line count consists of all typed matter inclusive of but not limited to any preformatted text which the client might have supplied in the form of templates, protocols, macros, letterhead content like name and address details preset as a part of the header and / or footer, and any other such textual content. Hence, there is no deduction or discount provided towards such textual matter which is an integral part of the reports that we transcribe.

In the document example given above, it is clear that the report is spread across 4 rows. However from the invoicing perspective the content does not constitute 4 lines. The typed content adds up to a total of 65 characters only. Hence your billable Line Count for the text displayed above is only 1 Line because we invoice as per the standard definition of 1 line = 65 Characters. In short you are charged based on the characters present in the report and not how many rows the typed matter occupies.

Account Setup Charge

We do not charge any Account Setup Charge. We offer the best Pay-As-You-Go pricing model in the transcription industry. No stifling monthly minimums.


Invoices are raised monthly and are always due for payment as soon as you receive them. So you are expected to make the payment immediately after receiving the monthly invoice. The last date for making/sending payment is the 15th of the month and last date for receiving payment on our side is the 20th of the month. Unpaid balances beyond the 20th of the month will incur a surcharge at a yearly interest rate of 10%. Late payment may result in suspension of your service.

Account Cancellation Charge

There are no penalties or charges for canceling an account what so ever. No reason or justifications are required for a cancellation. You can cancel your account at any time by sending us an email or fax mentioning your account details. You will then receive a final invoice for clearing your account.

TAT (Turn Around Time)

This is the time within which reports are submitted back to you. Our standard TAT is "the next day morning" for all dictations recorded on our toll free dictation server or sent to us by other means up to 11.00pm ET. Dictations recorded or sent later than 11.00pm ET will be treated as next days work. For dictations recorded over the weekends and/or public holidays, the transcripts will be delivered on the next business day. Please note that backlogs and erratic dictation patterns will not qualify for the overnight TAT. Regular daily or nearly daily dictators will always be prioritized.

Other Terms

Rates are subject to revision depending on parameters like speed, volume, fluency, clarity, and dictation organization skills of the dictator. Our vendors, especially those providing telecom services and high speed Internet connectivity influence the cost of our operations to a fair degree. Rates are subject to revision even if one or more of these cost factors undergo a change. However, you will be notified well in advance if at all such a revision is levied by us. The billing rate offered to you may need to be revised if one or more of the following holds true after the dictator undertakes trials with us. We will however inform you before we propose to make any revision in the rate offered to you.

(a) The dictator is too slow or too fast during his / her dictations.
(b) The dictator dictates in a low pitch and volume which makes it difficult to hear.
(c) The dictator is generally not prepared and does not go about the dictations in a planned manner.
(d) The dictator is generally a late night dictator, is sleepy and yawns during the course of the dictations.
(e) The dictator dictates in noisy surroundings.
(f) The dictator dictates using a cell phone while traveling at a high speed.
(g) The dictator dictates using a cell phone when inside a building where the signal is very weak.
(h) The dictator dictates multiple reports (patients/cases) in a single audio file which then requires lot of extra work (and cost) to split the file in to separate files for processing.

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